Mega Fortune Casino Slot Review

Mega Fortune is a very popular slot machine and maybe one of the biggest success of software developer NetEnt. The concept of Mega Fortune is based on the progressive jackpot that is very tempting to many online players. The amount of this jackpot can increase up to millions of dollars and that is the main reason why a lot of players give it a try. Next to this big jackpot, Mega Fortune will surprise you with many features and funny details. Scatters, bonus games and wilds are definitely a big part of the entire slot machine experience! Symbols like champagne bottles, yachts and even jewelry will make you feel like you’ll have it all, even for just a brief moment.
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The theme of Mega Fortune is all about the rich and the famous. What would you do with more than a million dollars? If you take a look at the symbol in the game, maybe you can already find a answer for that question. How about buying a yacht? Or why not driving in a limousine? It can all happen after you’ve won the progressive jackpot! The theme is based on this jackpot and that is the reason why you will be surrounded by only luxurious products and items. Just forget about the world and the current state of your bank account, because Mega Fortune is giving you a sneak peek into the life of a millionaire! If you want to give yourself a better change to win, you should play the game at happyluke casino, a lot of times the jackpot has been won at happyluke thailand casino!


Mega Fortune offers a lot of different and interesting features. The champagne for example represents the scatter. If you have more than three scatters in a row, you will receive free spins! How great is that? Free spins are just an awesome way to continue playing, without losing a penny!
Another feature of this slot machine is the yacht, which is representing the Wild (joker) feature. The biggest and most impressive feature of this game is the bonus game which can be activated by collecting more than three bonus symbols one the same row.

Bonus Features

After you collected more than three bonus symbols, you will get access to the special bonus game which is hidden in the slot machine. This bonus game is giving you the chance to hit the big jackpot! Mega Fortune has three different jackpots; the mini, midi and mega. The last one is the jackpot you should really aim for, since it has an amount of more than a million dollars. If you are winning, you should win the biggest right? On the screen you will see a wheel of fortune kind of game, including three different wheels. Make sure they will stop at the correct image and you will become one of the richest person within your country! This bonus feature is fantastic and this is also why Mega Fortune has become so extremely popular. People from all over the world are playing this game frequently and that is very understandable. The website fruitautomaten gratis is also recommending to play this game, so perhaps you should give it a try.